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November 13, 2018
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10 Rainy day activities in St Francis

When the weather sucks, it can put a damper on your beach day plans. In a beach town, that can put a damper on your holiday, if you can’t find something better to do. Well, St Francis is no wet blanket, even when it’s pouring down with rain.

We have collected this list of 10 rainy day activities in St Francis to make sure your days are sunny side up, even when the sun is nowhere to be seen:

Quiz Night

Did you know that the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn?

Round up a team of 4 and brush up on your trivia! On the first Tuesday of every month, you can join in the local Quiz Night, at the St Francis Bay Golf Club. Not to mention, there are lots of prizes to be won!

At just R30 per person, these Quiz Nights are a bunch of fun, for all ages.
Check out the Events page to see when the next quiz night is scheduled for.

Mommy-Daughter Date

Why let the rain cramp your style? Pop In Beauty Bar is the perfect rainy day date for you and your little princess. Why not “pop in” for a double dose of pampering, with a selection of facials, manicures and pedicures to make you feel fabulous!

Pub Games

Photo cred: St Francis Brewing Co.

St Francis Brewing Company is famous in St Francis Bay for their unique brews and lively atmosphere. What makes them even greater is the fact that they have catered for the whole family AND the ever-changing seasons of St Francis weather.

When it’s cold, sit by the fire and enjoy their amazing signature dishes (their burgers and falafels are the bomb-diggidy!). While it’s great to sit outside when the weather is rocking, the cool cats at St Francis Brewing Company have thought of everything, for when it’s not!

If it’s just the “grown-ups”, the games table is a great excuse to feel like a kid again. You can sip on a Beach Blonde while playing a game of Tick Tack Toe. If the kids are with you, you can have some fun with Jenga while you munch on some lekker sweet potato fries 🙂

Poker Night

The secret’s out, after our post on the 4 best-kept secrets of St Francis

Tuesday poker nights are a load of fun and a great way to meet new people. Not to mention, you stand a chance to win some cash, while you’re at it!

Tails & Thyme provides the perfect destination for this, with their Bohemian setting and amazing cocktail menus. You won’t even notice the rain, you will be having so much fun!

Remember, you need to be over 18 and winners know when to stop.

Puzzles at Home

If you reeeeaaally can’t bare to face the public in the rainy weather, the Stationary Butler is the perfect quick-stop to buy your favourite board game or craft materials. You can then take it home and have some old-school fun with the family, in front of the TV or the fireplace.

Pool Game

Every Thursday night, Olive Tree Junction holds a knock-out pool challenge. Having the only pool table in the village, this is the perfect stop to keep your game skills on fleek.

For the beginners, don’t worry. The pool table is open all day, every day, to Olive Tree Patrons, so you can enjoy a friendly game, brush up on your skills of crush your friends in a challenge.

Boardgames and Cocktails

During the daylight hours, Tails & Thyme has a unique, old-school charm that makes every visit so plesant. That… and they serve a great selection of hot beverages. The classic Bohemian and pop culture décor paints a beautiful picture of a timeless setting. To add to it, you can even enjoy a friendly game of Backgammon at your table.

If Backgammon isn’t your thing, grab a comfy seat and pick a book from their impressive bookshelf collection. You can feed your soul with some good reading, while you feed your face with their delectable food.

Chokka Tasting

The chokka tastings at Clive’s Chokka Block offer more than just a tasty meal. Besides enjoying the best seafood in St Francis, you can book a chokka tasting, with Clive himself! You will be educated on the chokka and preparation and get to learn what happens between the boat and your plate.

Live Music

Rock Lily Music Promotions is one of the unique blessings of the St Francis lifestyle. Bringing new acts into town every week, there’s always fresh talent to enjoy at different destinations.

Check out our events page to see what exciting gigs are happening while you’re in town.

Yoga/ Dancing/ Palates/ Art Class

Feeling cheated out of your exercise by the weather? The STUDIO has you covered, with daily activities such as yoga, pilates, dancing and even martial arts. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to catch an art class and learn a new skill 🙂


With all of these great activities available in St Francis, there’s no reason a little bit of dreary weather should put a damper on your day.

If you have found any other activities that you can enjoy on a rainy day, we would love to hear about them! Leave a comment below or contact us so we can share them with others.

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