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October 18, 2018
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4 Best-kept secrets of St Francis

St Francis Bay is a thing of beauty in itself. There’s no denying that. Like any town, it has its secrets that only a selection of locals are privy to.

There are a number of hidden treasures in this town that we just can’t keep the lid on anymore. With December’s tourism influx just around the corner, we thought we would let the whispers out and give you some treasure hunting to do:


Secret Beach

During December, the beaches of St Francis get seriously busy. That is, all but one…

Tucked along the canals, there is a beautiful stretch that St Francis locals call “Secret Beach”.

Because it is a little out of the way and nestled discreetly in a small bay, this beach is often missed by those who don’t know where to look for it. It is the perfect spot to catch up on some tanning, reading, fishing or even a romantic sunset on the beach.

Treasure hunting tip: If you’re looking for the exact location of Secret Beach, book a canal cruise with Captain Kev. He’s the local pirate who can get you there.


Shelly Beach

The Eastern Cape is famous for its beautiful shells and colourful choral sea treasures that wash up along the shores. While these little treasures can be found scattered along the St Francis shoreline, there is one beach, in particular, that they are abundant!

Cowry shells, mother of pearl, starfish and hundreds more! Shelly beach is scarcely made up of sand, but covered in every type of shell known to the St Francis coastline. Whether you’re looking to make your own shell crafts or just an interested collector, this beach is your shell jackpot.

Treasure hunting tip: Book a guided Two Harbours Walk, with Aweigh Adventures. You will walk right through this treasure trove.


The Cove

It’s no secret that St Francis can get windy AF. This little gem of a spot is perfect for when those westerly and easterly winds are blowing with a force from hell itself. With a strategically placed line of trees, you can bypass the gale force gusts and enjoy a swim and the river-side relaxation.

Treasure hunting tip: Stop in at Quaysyde and order a takeaway pizza with a side of directions.


Poker Night

Possibly the best kept secret of all is the Village’s weekly poker night at an undisclosed location. While not publicly advertised, it is quite easy to crack an invite to this Tuesday shindig, if you ask the right people in the village.

Our favourite thing about this is that it feels like a 1920s speak-easy. R100 gets you in and it’s generally winner takes all. You can kick back with a cocktail while you work on your poker face and it’s a load of fun. The only thing that would make it better is if we could dress in the 20’s style attire… I suppose we could, but then it would be less of a secret.

Treasure hunting tip: Go ponder over this one at Tails & Thyme. The barista can get really chatty 😉


While there are many more secrets that this little town holds, we have to save a little to keep you surprised.
We would love to hear if you have found any little St Francis gems. Comment below or contact us and your treasure could be featured in our next article!

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