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6 St Francis Date Ideas

There’s nothing worse than a boring date. Scratch that. There is: Knowing that you are the one that planned the boring date!

These days, social media and soppy romantic comedies have set the bar really high. Personally, I’m not really a romantic, but there’s still something special about being taken out on a date that involves a unique experience. Everybody likes to be woo’d. Everybody loves making special memories with their special someone.

Because creating these experiences can sometimes be tricky, I’ve picked 6 awesome St Francis date ideas to help you along:


Couples Massage

Show me a lady that does not like being pampered?
Though not many men have tried a relaxing massage themselves, I’m 99% certain that they would love the relaxing feeling of having the stress kneaded and beaten out of their bodies. Trust me, guys. It’s amazing. You feel like a movie star afterward!

While there are a few beauty spas in the St Francis area, finding one to take two people at once can be a bit of a chore. No worries… we’ve done it for you! You can thank us later…

Pop In Beauty Bar offers a private room for you and your date to be rubbed down by some magic hands. You can opt in for the standard massage, hot stone massage, or try something really special with the Polynesian massage.  Afterwards, you and your other half will feel so relaxed, the only thing they will be able to talk about is how great your date planning abilities are!


Sunset Rock

What’s more romantic than watching the sunset together? Sunset Rock has one of the most spectacular sunset views, situated on the most South East point of Africa. You can get creative with this too! Pack a picnic, bring a guitar to serenade your date, or just cuddle up with a blanket while you witness the majestic splendor of nature.

You won’t find Sunset Rock on Google Maps, so we’ve pinned it for you here:
Sunset Rock, Cape St Francis


Romantic Dinner

Don’t get me wrong, there are so many great restaurants to choose from in St Francis. It was tough, but I have picked the top 3 romantic settings for the perfect date. These places have the trifecta: romantic lighting. date night atmosphere and (of course) tasty food that will make your taste buds tingle with delight.

Big Time Taverna

If you’re looking for the best view over the St Francis Bay canals, this is your place! Sipping on your favourite beverage while toasting the sunset is part of a tried-and-tested formula for dating success. Book well in advance to make sure you get a table outside, but out of the wind. Then, make sure you are there in time to enjoy the sunset before digging in to some exquisite Greek cuisine.


The perfect oportunity to try out the Lady and the Tramp pasta scene, in real life. Not only are the night time views over Port St Francis spectacular, but the Italian food will definitely get you in the mood of “amore”. If pizza and pasta is not your style, then the prawns are always a good call. Just make sure your date doesn’t mind your garlic breath, when you move in for a smooch later on…

Pommes Frites

Winner in the mood-lighting department and intimate setting. Pommes Frites’ sexy decor and background music is sure to set the mood for your date night. Being owner run by two love birds, these guys will go out of their way to make your night special. Call ahead to ask what the special meals are and treat your other half to a good old fashioned romantic dinner.


Pack a Picnic

For the budget conscious, picnics are a winner because you can control your spend. That, and they’re super romantic, in a cheesy sort of way. If you do it right, a picnic is the ultimate in romantic date ideas. There are no restaurant crowds or interruptions. Just you, your special someone and a beautiful location.

St Francis has some great picnic spots. Head to one of the beautiful beaches or take a walk on the Wild Side to find the perfect spot among the fynbos and dunes. Be sure to pack a good blanket and look out for the wind. Nobody likes to get sand in their picnic basket.


Take a Cruise

Take advantage of the endless stretch of stunning coastline or the beautiful St Francis canals from aboard a boat. Book a cruise or hire your own private boat. Top if off with some bubbly and oysters as you and your partner soak it all in. Enjoy the tranquility of the open water as the sun sets and your date is left with a lasting impression of how special you made them feel.


The Dunkin’ Experience

Nothing goes more hand-in-hand with romance than chocolate. Chocoholix is every chocolate lovers dream! Opt in for their Chocolate Dunkin’ Experience (basically a chocolate fundu) and take turns feeding each other some chocolaty goodness. Not only is the Belgian chocolate out of this world, but the dunking is a lot of fun too!

Fun idea: Bring a blindfold along and take turns guessing what the other person is feeding you. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love the opportunity to cover your date’s face in chocolate and have a good giggle. 



At the end of the day, a great date is really about the company, but these suggestions will hopefully help you make your date that much more special. Also, if you love these ideas as much as I do and don’t have a date, I totally volunteer as tribute!

If you have any great St Francis date ideas, share them in the comments below. You could help countless helpless romantics plan the perfect date.

Happy romancing! <3

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