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8 Things to Keep Your Kids Busy In St Francis

Kids are not easy to keep busy, very few will sit quietly with a book all afternoon. This often leaves us with the seemingly exhausting task on entertaining them for hours on end. Lesser parents have been known to crack under this pressure, so if you are pulling out your hair, don’t stress! We have a number of cool activities lined up to keep your youngsters occupied for hours!

Go To The Beach

The best ting about St Francis is its gorgeous beaches. St Francis main beach has a number of shops and food outlets s that you can not only make sure your kids are busy, but hydrated and full of sugar too. Be sure to bring sunblock and an umbrella for shade. A nice idea is to take a fitted sheet and use four items such as a cooler box and some shoes to prop up each corner. This way you get a sand free area to keep your goodies in, or even sit in if you don’t like the feel of grit on your skin.

Check Out The Caves

Not all beaches are on the beaten track, and if you have the time ad inclination to explore you will be well rewarded. One such experience is the Klasies River caves, situated just east of the Klasies River Mouth. These are a series of three caves and two shelters set a the foot of a tall cliff. They  have revealed evidence (20m of thick deposits) of middle stone age-associated human habitation from approximately 125 000 years ago. Be sure to keep a close eye on your kids while they explore and bring a torch to shine into the darkest bits. Brushing up on some local history to explain what they are looking at will also elevate the experience and spark imaginations.

Visit a Museum

Great for a rainy day, museums are places that not only teach, but fascinate. The Heritage Eco Center is a great place to overlook the bay, as well as take in some history of the area. It’s not huge, so don’t expect to make a day of it. You can, however, take a look around and then go and have a picnic on the nearby beach. On weekends there are arts and crafts classes for kids, which is sure give you a few hours breathing room.

Take A Boat Ride

Known for its canals and waterways, Cape St Francis has a huge variety of watery places to explore. There are quick tours on the canals and the harbour, or even full day excursions up the Kromme River. Make sure that what you choose is age appropriate, and as with everything else be sure to take sunscreen and hats. Many tours will provide snacks, but some will require you to bring your own. Do a bit of checking before-hand  to make sure you don’t have grumpy, thirsty kids on board.

You can find some great tour operators on our LIVE St Francis Activities Page.

Seal Point

Seal point has a number of activities in one to keep the whole family busy. This is easily a full day excursion, but is outdoors so make sure the weather is good. The beach itself has a nice mix of rockpools and sand to play in. Take along some little kiddies fishing gear, and explore the gullies and pools with your kids. Fish for blassies and pufferfish, but be sure to return them back to their homes.

The lighthouse stands on the point of the peninsula, and is a great photo opportunity. It’s also a great conversation starter about what lighthouses do, and their history. Be sure to read up on the Seal Point Lighthouse, and how many ships were wrecked on the coast nearby.

Seal Point is also a nature reserve, and has a number of walking trails. There are paths for all competencies, but generally they are easy going and beautiful. Even so, one should always wear suitable shoes and be aware of wildlife.

Go To The Harbour

Port St Francis harbour is a little sheltered spot with a fleet of fishing boats as well as some private ocean going vessels. The Chokka fleet is well known to put out to sea before dawn in search of their calamari catch. Take stroll along the harbour while looking at the boats or visiting some of the restaurants. The harbour wall is a great place to fish off, or even just to eat your fish and chips.  Beware of stealthy seagulls though! They like fish and chips as much as you do!

Relax at a Restaurant

There are a number of kid friendly restaurants in the greater St Francis area.

New kids on the block, Full Stop Cafe offer a fabulous kids outdoor entertainment area. It’s open plan setting makes sure you can keep an eye on the kids while you kick back and enjoy a well deserved beverage.The kids will go mad for the lekker pizza selection and there’s plenty on the menu for mom and dad too!

Joe Fish, at the Cape St Francis Resort, offers the perfect playground for all ages. Your kids will absolutely love the pirate-themed jungle gym and the swimming pool offers hours of Summer fun for the whole family.

St Francis Brewing Company is a craft brewery with a lovely outdoor area and live music on weekends. Kids are more than welcome to run and play through the garden, and the upbeat vibe will keep them busy for ages. The menu is varied, guaranteeing something for you and your offspring. Relax under the trees, let your kids play, and have a cold brewsky!

Go Golfing

Along with its gorgeous beaches, great restaurants and winding waterways, St Francis is known for its Golf.

There are no less than two very different, but both outstanding courses in the area. Both courses have a club house and a pool area, as well as places to grab a bite to eat. Lessons can be arranged, or just take your kids out for a round of the sport of kings.

It may be a good idea to call the course you plan to visit ahead of time in order to book and find out the logistics of taking your kids for a round.

St Francis is a small town, but there many things to keep you and your youngsters busy. From indoors to outdoors, there is something for all tastes. Just remember during the summer season to take your sunblock, hats and water if you plan on being in the sun.  Alternatively, kick back at one of the great eateries in the area and let them provide you with a steady stream of refreshment!