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9 Insta-worthy photo ops in St Francis

We’ve all been there… looking at someone’s Instagram feed and thinking “Wow, that looks beautiful. I wish I could visit places like that!”. That little green monster of envy, sitting on your shoulder and telling you how boring your Instagram makes your life look, in comparison. I know it’s not just me?

As a traveler, I do like to think that my Instagram feed looks a little more exciting than it did a few years ago, when my Game of Thrones Monopoly board game was the highlight of my week…

Yes… it was TOTALLY AWESOME, but probably wasn’t as insta-worthy as I thought it was at the time.

Back then, I was following the lives of my favourite travelers, kicking myself for not selling everything I own and going to work on the cruise ships when I had the chance. But, all good things happen in their own time.

My life (and Instagram feed) got substantially more interesting, as I started travelling more. I had discovered my inner-wanderluster and sought out to document every beautiful destination I could. Then, one beautiful evening in the Autumn of 2018, I arrived in St Francis Bay…

You could stay in St Francis Bay for a year and your Instagram feed would NEVER get boring! Take a look at these 9 Insta-worthy photo ops:

Seal Point Lighthouse

Seal Point Lighthouse, in Cape St Francis, is possibly the most iconic representation of St Francis that there is. You can’t visit St Francis and NOT go to take a look. So, while you’re there, why not take a few snaps for the ‘gram?

On the Canals

Can we just agree that the St Francis Bay Canals are sooooo much better than the ones in Venice? Can we?

Besides being breathtakingly beautiful, the St Francis Bay canals also have blue flag status, which means they’re super clean. This could be what gives them their sparkly cyan shimmer, making for the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram update.

Want to add an adventurous aspect? Why not rent a stand up paddle board or canoe from Quaysyde, try Yello on for size or contact us to rent a cute little peddal boat?

Tails & Thyme

Besides having AMAZING food, Tails & Thyme has some of the most interesting decor you will ever see in a restaurant. Take advantage of the old-school charm and bohemian flair for a stunning lifestyle photo op.

The Beaches

The beaches of St Francis stand out among others in South Africa for their cleanliness and picturesque beach-town feel. As the sun sets, it hits the ocean in such a way that the waves turn into rolling clouds of silver and light. Nothing will make your Insta followers drool more…

Take a swing

Golf is the one sport in the world that is associated with class and status. If your Insta feed is all about living the high life, you HAVE to visit the St Francis Links. Not only will you get some great fun from a day out golfing, but the beautifully manicured greens will add a touch of finesse to your timeline.

Hang Ten

With St Francis Bay being home to one of the top surfing spots IN THE WORLD, it makes sense why a shot of you surfing it would be a big deal.

Can’t surf? No problem! You can book a lesson and learn…

Port St Francis

Crisp, cyan waters and a backdrop of luxury yachts and catamarans… can you get any more impressive?

Wait… yes you can… you can be ON one of those boats… on your way to whale watching!

Sunset Rock

If you’re all about chasing sunsets and the African sun, you can’t miss this photo op!

Being at the most south-east point in Africa means that you can watch the sun rise and set over the ocean. Sunset rock, in Cape St Francis, is rightfully dubbed the best place to watch the end of each day. Romantic sunset picnic shot, anyone?

The action shot

Want something a little less graceful and a little more badass?

When you’ve taken a shot at some great water sports on the canals, Sandboarding on land is definitely a must-do! Not only will you look super cool on your Instagram feed, but it’s a lot of fun too.

These are just a small handful of ideas from the beauty that St Francis Bay holds. You may even find the perfect Insta shot in your St Francis accommodation? Beauty is around every corner here, so make sure you have your camera ready and your best outfit on.

Don’t forget to follow LIVE St Francis for inspiration 🙂

Your Instagram feed is going to look FABULOUS!

Storm Steen
Storm Steen
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