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September 28, 2018
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It’s all about the surf

St Francis is the one place that, when asked what time you can be expected somewhere (a meeting/ get together / other occasion), “It depends on the surf” is a completely acceptable answer.

A surfer’s paradise in it’s own right, St Francis is home to two of the top surf spots in the world, Bruce’s Beauties and Seal Point. It is one of very few places on Earth where you can watch the sun rise and set over the ocean.

For all the surfers out there, we’ve done our research and got you the inside scoop for the local surf spots:

Bruce’s Beauties

In the 1960s, surfing film legend, Bruce Brown, hunted the world for the most epic surf spots to feature in his cult film classic, “Endless Summer”.

Crowned the father of surf films, Bruce featured this spot in his search for the perfect wave. The site of the starring swell was dubbed “Bruce’s Beauties” and is now frequented by avid surfers, from all over the world!

Bruce’s Beauties has indeed been crowned one of the surfing wonders of the world. The reef lies at the same depth and angle to the swell, creating a perfect curling consistency. It goes without saying that if you want a truly iconic St Francis surfing experience, this is where you want to be.

When the surf is best:

Generally, Bruce’s Beauties throws us a right-point break, producing fast walls and with hollow barrels. Unfortunately this does not happen as often as one would hope anymore, but a mid-sized easterly swell and offshore southwest winds and you’re in with a chance for an epic session.

Seal Point

A rocky point break, landmarked by the Seal Point Lighthouse, Seal Point is divided into two sections by a fullstop rock that marks the take-off zone for the mid break.

Also featured in “Endles Summer”, this is a surf spot for the fearless. The exposed point break is a local favourite. When the surf is pumping, business doors shut and this is where you will find everyone.

Standard surf rules apply here: You’re the visitor, respect the locals & their break.
Half way down the break at low tide a rock ledge called “Full Stop” will emerge, careful!

When the surf is best:

Conditions at Seal Point are best when there is a north-westerly blowing and a swell that is south-southeast. An off shore wind blowing in a North Westerly direction is the best breeze to surf this point in.

Anne Avenue Beach

While great for beginners, this beach has been a little mangled due to development. While not consistent, this beach can still throw out some pretty wicked waves. Every now and again, you’ll get some rad sandbars.

If you’re looking for a quiet surf to yourself, this is probably your spot.

When the surf is best:

This is a tough one to call, but west winds generally do the trick. Best call it yourself and scope it out, before you jump in.


When Seal Point isn’t happening, you will generally find that the locals have migrated over this way (waves permitting).

If you’re rocking a longboard, this is your spot! The mellow waves make for an easy surf session and the location offers a little protection from strong westerlies.

When the surf is best:

Needs huge south swell or big east swell and a low to mid tide. Nice beefy left with a mellow take-off that improves down the line.

If you are travelling without your board:

There are a number of places, in St Francis, that rent out boards, so you’re set!
If you’re planning a surf trip, why not book into St Francis Bay Backpackers and rent one directly from them?

Have you ever surfed any of these spots?
Comment below and share your feedback with others looking for the schweetest surf spots in St Francis.

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