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October 8, 2018
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November 13, 2018

Pampering at its best

When I first arrived in St Francis Bay, I had the pleasure of “popping in” to a local beauty bar, in the main village. At first glance, I loved the funky decor and the friendly faces behind the door dived straight into conversation.

All cards on the table… I’m not known for my feminine side. I’ll rock an edgy dress, from time to time, but my typical choice of attire is generally jeans and a tank top. It must have been a strange day for me, because nail envy kicked in and I opted in for a manicure and pedicure. Something I haven’t done in YEARS!

I feel so pretty!

I morphed into a princess! After letting the ladies pick my colours, I arrived at my fathers house and couldn’t stop waving my nails around. There were Facebook posts! there were Instagram updates! And my friends were wondering who I was and what I had done with the nail-biting, mountain-climbing gypsy that I once was.
I felt fabulous!

What’s more amazing is that I disappeared to climb mountains in Cape Town for a month afterwards. Table Mountain, Lionshead, Signal Hill, one of the Twelve Apostles… the nails held out!

I’m ready for my closeup…

Upon returning to St Francis, I booked in to get my nails looking fabulous again. Then it happened… the girly-morph!

Next thing I know, I had booked myself in for lash extensions… Hollywood, here I come! I felt like a movie star. Pop In had converted me.

The cherry on top

Just when I thought these angels of beauty had pampered me to my ultimate pamper-potential, BOOM! After a rough two weeks of work, I found myself in the massage room. My life was changed…

Rejoice (now my favourite human on the planet) and her magical hands healed me to a point that it was almost religious. Every knot, every pinch, every tightness in my entire body… gone! Never to be heard from again.

Experiences like this just have to be shared.
I feel like a better version of myself because of the amazing service that Pop In has to offer.
If you have ever experienced something like this, we would love to hear from you!
Comment in the section below and tell us all about it.

Storm Steen
Storm Steen
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