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When you’re visiting a small town, like St Francis, for work, it can feel like your worst nightmare when things go wrong with the good ol’ laptop. Your options may appear to be a) drive to Jeffreys Bay or even Port Elizabeth to get it fixed or b) burn it and become a beach-dwelling hobo, living off the land like a modern-day strandloper.

Friday afternoon is the worst time for stuff to go wrong…

I am lucky enough to have found a digital-based profession that allows me to work from anywhere in the world. After falling in love with St Francis and it’s beautiful small town atmosphere, I decided that this would be my office until January. That is, until my laptop blue-screened on a Friday afternoon and I questioned why I hadn’t decided to stay in a city, where I could rush it off to a professional and pay a small fortune to save it.

After running through the likelihood of surviving life as a beach hobo, I remembered a few locals talking about sending their computers into a local guy by the name of Jethro. Usually, I would be skeptical of handing over my livelihood to a stranger without an “official” shop and business history, but I had heard from trusted friends that this was the guy for the job.

This was an emergency!

I rushed my “baby” through to Gently Worn, where I was told I could find my Jethro, the laptop guru that may be able to help me avoid a life of strandloper-ism. I left my machine in his (hopefully) capable hands and was told to come back before 1pm on Saturday. Yes, less than 24 hours away… on a weekend!

Usually, when laptop things go wrong, I would be getting ready to auction my additional vital organs to the highest bidder…

Besides not having to sell a kidney to pay for a full laptop service, like I would in the city, I got my laptop back on Saturday looking better that the day I bought it! Nicely cleaned, working fast and even some new programs installed to optimize the performance. Saturday afternoon, I was back at work and singing Jethro’s praises.

No blue screening, no loading lag, no funny noises. Just my trusty machine, performing like the day I got her.

When you’re visiting St Francis and need your laptop in order to communicate with the outside world, it’s good to know that there is a guy, like Jethro, that you can take it to.

You can reach Jethro on his technical difficulties guru helpline (Also known as CompuINK): 0815696445

or simply crawl into Gently Worn (in St Francis Village), into the CompuINK corner, find the ginger guy and grovel for the resurrection of your machine…


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Storm Steen
Storm Steen
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