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March 19, 2019
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The Music Man of St Francis

Dare we say that the St Francis music scene is better than that of Cape Town?

In 2018 alone, Rock Lily brought over 70 headlining acts to the area. Sporting big names, such as The Parlotones, Watershed, Roan Ash and Dan Patlansky.

During holiday season, you can attend some of these great music events almost every night!

Meet Mike Kimmings

The man behind the music and owner of Rock Lily, Mike Kimmings is single handedly responsible for keeping the local music flowing through St Francis.

Mike is crazy about SA music! In fact, he doesn’t listen to anything else…
His belief is that we have so much local talent to support in South Africa, that he could listen to nothing but his local music CDs for more than 3 days, without repeating a single song!

Rock Lily’s Story

From humble beginnings and a vision to ensure that South African Music (and international) had a home in St Francis Bay, Mike set out to develop a music brand , “Rock Lily “ and open his own venue in Cape St Francis, called Rock Lily Music, Bar and Kitchen.

He set about bringing touring musicians to our town , thereby giving them another venue to stop at on their EC and Garden Route Tours Tours.

Originally portrayed as a ‘music bar and kitchen’, Rock Lily was a Music venue. Locals and visitors would gather, both young and old, for all genres of music and be exposed to SA music with the best quality sound, lighting and venue management.

The brand has since evolved from a single premises into a music brand that continues to bring “ The best of SA’s musical talents “, but to various music venues in The Kouga Area.

Rocking the Eastern Cape

Rock Lily is a music brand that is wholly devoted to good music and good times. Yet far from Cape Town’s committed electronic music scene or Joburg’s too-cool-for-school inner-city crowd, the Eastern Cape does, in fact, have its own laid back but immensely talented soundscape.

The appearances by high-profile artists are the norm, it is Rock Lily’s aim to host shows featuring both your best and brightest local, international and emerging musicians on a consistent line-up.

We are blessed in The EC with incredible talent and our own musicians are an awesome asset. The Brothers, The Cottonfields, Pretty and The Just, Jim & Jane, Marc Maingaurd and The Grosvener Road Band, Riff Raff, The Sunshine Factory, AXYL, Devon Von Driel, Alex Cavan, Sawyer ( The Steezy Sawyewr Band ), Big Man and Bear( Hugo Kleinhans and Megan Du Toit) ,The Rob Thompson Blues Band and many more.

As the owner of Rock Lily, I am humbled in giving artists from nearly all genres a chance to perform at Top Class Venues with Top Class sound, management and vibes. Thus, expect to hear everything from acoustic sets to new folk-style jams, jazzy rhythms and foot-stomping rock and roll. We do it all.

– Mike Kimmings

If you would like to get a piece of the local music scene, check out our upcoming events to catch the next Rock Lily talent.

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